Boys joining Scouting for the first time as Webelos may wisely choose to purchase a tan Boy Scout Shirt right from the start.

Many boys who've reached the Webelos rank have been Cub Scouts for a few years. The blue Cub Scout Shirt that seemed so big as a Kindergartener may now be outgrown, worn and faded. Displaying rank badges he's earned along his Cub Scouting career is still important.  As a Webelos Scout, however, a boy looks forward to joining (and looking like he belongs to) a Boy Scout Troop.  Choosing a tan Boy Scout Shirt when the time is right is a decision that's best left up to each Webelos Scout and his family.  Be sure to save that well-loved blue Cub Scout shirt to display at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor or for him to show to his own sons someday.  

Unless your den or pack leader says otherwise, you should always wear your "Class A" uniform, also known as the "Field Uniform", to all Scouting activities. That's not just limited to den and pack meetings, but every activity in which you take part with other Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. The shirt should always be tucked in and orderly. Everyone should understand the importance of representing the entire Boy Scout Organization while in uniform. 

The required Cub Scout shirt plus the required accessories and patches that make a Webelos "Class A" uniform costs roughly $70. We may have a limited number of free uniforms (youth and adult) available from our Uniform Exchange for those who are not in the financial position to pay for a new uniform. The Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America's Uniform Exchange program is where Scouts and Scout Leaders can get experienced (used) Scout uniforms for a nominal cost. It's also a great way to pass on your gently used uniforms (donations) to Scouts that are in need of a Scout uniform. All Scout shirts, pants, shorts, neckerchief, socks, patches, and more are welcome. Contact our Cubmaster or Committee Chair about the Uniform Exchange.

PACK 151'S REQUIRED "CLASS A" WEBELOS UNIFORM INCLUDES  (use this as your shopping list):
  • A Webelos neckerchief
  • A Webelos neckerchief slide
  • Webelos Colors (tri-colored shoulder ribbons)
  • An official blue Cub Scout Short Sleeve Shirt or An official tan Boy Scout Shirt (long or short sleeve). This shirt will last to fifth grade and beyond - so size it appropriately.
  • An official blue-colored Cub Scouts Web Belt.
  • World Scout Crest Emblem
  • Northern Star Council Shoulder Patch
  • Pack numeral patches (151)
  • Den numeral patch (choose your Den's number)
  • 65 Year - Veteran Bar Emblem
  • Optional:
    • official Cub Scouts pants or shorts
    • official Cub Scouts socks
    • official Webelos cap
    • Journey to Excellence Unit Award patch
Any award, badge, patch, or adventure pin that your boy earns will be awarded (at no cost) during the monthly pack meetings. You will need to attach them to the uniform, but they are provided.

The "activity uniform", also known as a "Class B uniform" is a special t-shirt that Pack 151 orders with a custom design. Class B t-shirts do not replace a regular Class A uniform (there's no place to display a boy's hard earned rank patches) but they do come in handy for certain occasions.

When instructed to do so by den and pack leaders, Scouts may wear their Class B's for camp outs or during meetings when leaders have a messy craft prepared. They're great for times when we want the boys to look like Scouts, but are afraid that they'll loose or damage their uniforms with rough play and adventure.

Contact your den leader or pack leader to order your Class B's.

Scouts new to Pack 151 must purchase their own rank handbooks.  The pack will provide subsequent rank handbooks in the following years. Advancement should be recorded in the handbook and reported to the den leaders and pack leaders via Scoutbook. There is no extra charge for Scoutbook.

Uniform shirts, patches, belts and other Scouting items may be purchased in a store or online.

  • Twin Cities Scout Shop, 2218 Old Highway 10, Mounds View, MN, 55112 (763)-786-3090
  • St Paul Scout Shop, 339 Marshall Ave., St Paul, MN, 55102 (651) 224-4175
  • Minneapolis Scout Shop, 5300 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55422 (763) 545-9459
  • Official BSA online scout shop:
  • Hisdahl's, 1978 Hwy 96 E White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (651) 429-1394 (1 block West of Hwy 61)


SEW or STICK ?  It's up to you. 
  • Some parents like the ease of attaching patches with adhesives like Badge Magic. Problem is, that it doesn't always stick wash after wash, risking the loss of a patch. 
  • Some parents sew patches their Scout's patches, which may be more difficult, but it will likely last a long time. 
  • Some parents have found that dropping off the uniform at a tailoring shop like Sew What in downtown White Bear Lake is another good alternative.
The insignia on a Cub Scouts uniform is important to communicate his membership in his den, pack and council and to reflect the awards and ranks that he has earned. The positioning of insignia on the right and left sleeves and the right pocket of the official uniform shirt are the same regardless of the boys rank, or whether he wears the Cub Scout blue shirt or the Boy Scout olive green shirt as a Webelos or Arrow of Light Scout. Those positions are shown below.

The left pocket of a Cub Scout uniform is designed to demonstrate his current rank and other personal awards. The illustrations below demonstrate proper insignia placement on the blue Scout uniform shirt for all ranks and Webelos and Arrow of Light placement on both the blue Cub Scout and green Boy Scout uniform shirt.


  • Purpose: A temporary patch is a good way to show what your Scout recently participated in or something that he's especially proud of.
  • Earning it: Patches earned at the Pinewood Derby, Fall Festival, Monster Jam, Polar Cubs, Rodeo, Cub Scout camp, etc. are examples of temporary patches.
  • Wearing it: These "fun" patches are worn by Cub Scouts, ONE at a time centered on the RIGHT pocket of the official Cub Scout or Boy Scout Class A field uniform; or suspended from the right pocket button of the field uniform. Some temporary patches have special loops which makes switching patches easy. 
  • Collecting them: Cub Scouts love to collect temporary patches.  The collection grows as they participate more and more. They can be collected in a box, on a bulletin board, a red vest, red blanket, bag or in a million other ways.
  • See below for a few temporary patch examples: