Volunteer Opportunities
We are only as strong as our volunteers. Our boys Scouting success can be attributed to the individuals who volunteer to participate in their leadership. Each family is expected to pitch in in some way. There are many opportunities for you to consider. 

If you have a special talent or interest, please let our Committee Chair or Cubmaster know. We can help you find the right fit or customize something for you.

For in-depth descriptions of pack leadership roles, please visit the BSA's Cub Scout Pack Leader Info page.

Support Positions
These volunteers work behind the scenes. No public speaking required. No uniform required. Previous experience not required for most positions.

Meeting Helpers
Tasks can be as simple as arriving to a meeting 15 minutes early to move tables around, help set up for the event etc., hand out programs, awards, etc.

Popcorn Sales Helper
Helps the Popcorn Sales Chair. One Popcorn Sales Helper Provide could provide temporary garage space to store the pack's popcorn supply, etc.

Wreath Sales Helper
Helps the Wreath Sales Chair. Provide temporary garage space to store the wreaths until they're picked up.

Blue & Gold Banquet Helper
Helps the Blue & Gold Banquet Chair. This job could include setting up tables for the event, helping serve cupcakes, etc.

Webmaster/Communication Helper
Support your pack from home, on your own schedule. Keep our Facebook page or website updated, or assist den leaders with keeping Scoutbook current. Help as much or as little as you're able. Some minor experience with computers is a plus. Training is available to get you up and running.

Publicity Helper

Write to our local newspapers, tell them all about the good that Pack 151 is doing for its Scouts and our community.

Camping Helper
Helps whomever's in charge of a given camping activity (It could be the Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Outings Chair, etc. preparing for Family Camp)

Wreath Helpers and Wreath Coordinator
Organize annual fund raising activities such as popcorn & wreath sales. Communicate the program to leaders, parents, and Cub Scouts. Establish prizes and deadlines, distribute forms. Report results to the Pack Committee and Treasurer.

Meeting Planner
Choose one activity or meeting of your choice. With the help of pack leadership, plan the program, coordinate with other helpers, and the details. Examples include making arrangements for MN Zoo to bring it's Zoomobile to us, or arranging a Feed my Starving Children visit. Remember, it's only one meeting. You'll have the help of our leaders too.

Advancements and Awards Coordinator
Supports den and pack leaders in purchasing patches, belt loops, etc. and keeps a rank advancement record. Submit receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Keep Pack Committee meeting notes. Collect and catalog pack documents as a resource to adult leaders.

With the help of the Pack Committee, establish a pack budget. Maintain pack bank account. Arrange signature authority. Collect dues. Keep up-to-date financial records. Report periodically on Pack's financial condition and warn of impending problems. Provide and keep records for petty cash for leaders. Arrange reimbursement of approved expenses.

Membership Chair
Organize and promote Cub Scout sign-up events and other recruiting activities. Coordinate chartering of new Scouts and rechartering of existing Scouts.

Outdoor/Activities Coordinator
Arrange for campsite reservations, event tickets etc. as required. Identify new resources and opportunities for fun outings and activities. Promote day camp and resident camp participation. Receive payments, sign-up forms and medical waivers for outings/camps that require them. This position receives help from a Outings Helper and/or Camping Helper and the pack's leadership. Good organizational skills is a plus.

Uniformed Leaders & the Pack Committee
These volunteers are generally more "visible" within the pack.

Committee Chair
Conduct monthly committee meetings. Assign leadership responsibilities. Organize & form dens and leadership as needed. Approve bills for payment by treasurer. Organize and promote Cub Scout Round-up and other recruiting activities. Plan for the year. Establish and maintain good relations with district Commissioner and Chartered Organization representative. Work closely with Cubmaster in developing Pack program. Keep Leaders informed. Function as backup to Cubmaster in emergency. Oversee all Pack operations and activities.

Conduct Pack meetings. Become familiar with all Scout ranks and awards. Conduct induction and advancement ceremonies. Work with Pack committee to recruit adult leaders. Assist Pack committee in annual planning. Help organize dens and encourage graduation into Boy Scouts. Establish and maintain good relations with local Boy Scout and Charter Organization leadership. Serve as Pack representative to the community. Provide coaching to other adult leaders. Promote training of adult leaders.

Assistant Cubmaster
Assist the Cubmaster. Be prepared to assume the job of Cubmaster in an emergency. Supervise Den Chiefs and work with troops who supply them. Work with Pack committee on recruiting and reregistration. Assist in Pack meetings, events, and planning. Assist in Uniform inspections.

Den Leader
Organize den and present Cub Scout program for the year. Establish program of regular recognition. Track achievements and report to Advancements Coordinator. Coach and train Den Chief. Encourage participation of den parents. Assist and coach den parents and other adult leaders. Lead den in participation in pack meetings. Lead by example.

Assistant Den Leader
Assist the den leader. Fill in for den leader as needed.

Den Leader Coach
Help den leaders understand purposes, policies, and procedures. Provide coaching and encourage training of new den leaders. Assist them in conducting their first meetings. Assist adult leaders in planning den program, activities, and organization. Participate in Pack and Committee meetings.

Lion Cub Coach
Organize the Lion den. Represent Lion Cub issues at committee meetings. Coach Lion Cub adult partners. Ensure participation of Lion Cubs in pack meetings and recognition activities. Identify potential Lion Cub parents to become den leaders.