Opt-out to help out - Fundraising

Every boy should have the opportunity to experience Cub Scouting and feel like he belongs to our group. One of the ways we connect to each other is fundraising. By "leaning-in" and working together we support ourselves and each other in Scouting.

As many busy families know, time devoted to fundraising isn't always an option. Schools and sports teams fundraise too and sometimes all these efforts burden families. Considering this, we offer a convenient way to opt-out of our fundraising efforts. 

Choose a giving level that's right for you, but consider that on average each Scout's fundraising effort contributes $125-$150 per year. This money supports his pack and den programs and equipment purchases.

We welcome direct "opt-out" contributions with checks payable to "Pack 151". These payments may be given to our Cubmaster, Committee Chair or Pack Treasurer during any regularly scheduled meetings.