The Wolf Uniform

Cub Scout uniforms are a way for Scouts to show their pack pride and display awards and ranks they earn.  Pack 151 has specific uniform requirements based upon our program. Parents/Guardians must purchase the required uniform and attach the emblems, badges and patches. 

The required Class A uniform costs roughly $60. We have a limited number of free uniforms (youth and adult) available from our Uniform Exchange for those who are not in the financial position to pay for a new uniform. 

Pack 151's Scouts are encouraged to wear their Class A uniforms to school on Pack Meeting days.

Required Class A Wolf uniform includes:
  • An official blue Cub Scout Shirt (long or short sleeve) This shirt will last through third Grade - so size it appropriately.
  • Wolf neckerchief
  • Wolf slide
  • Northern Star Council shoulder emblem
  • Pack numeral patches (151)
  • Den numeral patch (choose your Den's number)
  • World Crest emblem
  • An official blue web Cub Scouts belt (to attach belt loops he'll earn). Although Scout Shop staff may tell you this is optional, Pack 151 requires the belt after 1st grade.
  • Wolf cap
  • official pants or shorts
  • official socks

Where to purchase items
Uniform, patches, belts and other Scouting items may be purchased in store or online.
  • Official BSA scout shops - Multiple locations
    • Twin Cities Scout Shop, 2218 Old Highway 10, Mounds View, MN, 55112  (763)-786-3090
    • St Paul Scout Shop, 339 Marshall Ave.,  St Paul, MN, 55102  (651) 224-4175
    • Minneapolis Scout Shop, 5300 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN, 55422 (763) 545-9459
  • Official BSA online scout shop:
  • Hisdahl's1978 Hwy 96 E  White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (651) 429-1394  (1 block West of Hwy 61)
Patches you don't need to Buy
Any badge or patch that your boy earns will be awarded (at no cost) during the Monthly Pack Meetings.  You will need to attach them to the uniform on, but they are provided.

Class B uniform:
Class B uniforms are special t-shirts that Pack 151 orders with a custom design. Class B t-shirts do not replace a regular Class A uniform (there's no place to display a boy's hard earned rank patches) but they do come in handy for certain occasions.

Pack or dens leaders may ask their scouts to wear a Class B uniform for camp outs or during meetings when leaders have a messy craft prepared. They're great for times when we want the boys to look like Scouts, but are afraid that they'll loose or damage their uniforms with rough play and adventure.
Contact pack leaders for more info on obtaining a Class B t-shirt.
Class B uniform t-shirt

The Uniform Code:
Your son should/will be encouraged to wear his uniform appropriately.  The shirt should always be tucked in and orderly. He should understand the importance of representing the entire Boy Scout Organization while in uniform.  

Sew vs stick?
It's up to you.
  • Some parents like the ease of attaching patches with adhesives like Badge Magic.  Problem is, that it doesn't always stick wash after wash, risking the loss of a patch.  
  • Some parents sew patches their Scout's patches, which may be more difficult, but it will likely last a long time.  
  • Some parents have found that dropping off the uniform at a tailoring shop like Sew What in downtown White Bear Lake is another alternative.
Uniform Exchange: 
The Northern Star Council, Boy Scouts of America's Uniform Exchange program is where Scouts and Scout Leaders can get experienced (used) Scout uniforms for a nominal cost. It's also a great way to pass on your uniforms (donations) to Scouts that are in need of a Scout uniform. All Scout shirts, pants, shorts, neckerchief, socks, patches, and more are welcome.  More information about the Uniform Exchange is available at the Northern Star Council's website.

Patch placement
See the images below or the official Cub Scout Inspection Sheet

Wolves wear the official Cub Scouts shirt (long or short sleeve)

Wolves wear the official Cub Scouts web belt.
(required for Wolves, Bears & Webelos)

Northern Star Council shoulder emblem

Pack numeral patches

Den numeral patch (choose your correct Den number)

World Crest emblem

Temporary Patches

A temporary patch is a good way to show what your Scout recently participated in or something that he's especially proud of.

Earning it
Patches earned at the Pinewood Derby, Fall Festival, Monster Jam, Polar Cubs, Rodeo, Cub Scout camp, etc. are examples of temporary patches.

Wearing it
These "fun" patches are worn, ONE at a time (see exceptions below) centered on the RIGHT pocket of the official Cub Scout or Boy Scout Class A field uniform; or suspended from the right pocket button of the field uniform.   Some temporary patches have special loops which makes switching patches easy. 

Exceptions to the one temporary patch rule are: 
  • Wolf, Bear and Webelos Cub Scouts may choose to wear TWO such temporary insignia items. If so, ONE must be the "Progress Toward Ranks" fob (a plastic or leather item which hangs from the right pocket and which has beads attached for Tiger, Wolf and Bear rank to chart individual progress toward those ranks)
  • OR the "Webelos Compass Badge" (a cloth badge with four directional arrows and the 
     insignia which is suspended from the right pocket; 
     Cub Scouts wear a small arrowhead on this emblem after completing five activity badges).

Temporary patches

Progress Towards Rank emblem and beads

This emblem and its beads provide immediate recognition to encourage rank achievement. 

Earning it
Completion of the first three Wolf Achievements earns the emblem and one yellow bead. A new bead is awarded for each three achievements. When four yellow beads are earned, the Scout becomes eligible to receive his Wolf badge.  Yellow beads are for Wolf; red beads for Bear.

Wearing it
This emblem is worn in on the right pocket of the uniform, hung from the button.  It's worn instead of a temporary patch (like one earned at camp, or outings). 
Cub Scouts may continue to wear this emblem after ranks are earned until they become Webelos Scouts.

Progress Towards Rank emblem (right pocket) & Arrow Point placement under Wolf & Bear rank badges.

Gold Arrow Points

Gold embroidered arrow-shaped cloth badges earned during the Wolf and Bear elective program. A Gold Arrow Point is earned by completing the first ten projects in the Wolf or Bear book. Only one gold arrow point may be earned during the Wolf year, and one during the Bear year. Worn 3/4" below and centered under the current rank badge (Wolf and Bear). 

Silver Arrow Points

Silver embroidered arrow-shaped cloth badges earned during the Wolf and Bear elective program. Each Silver Arrow Point is earned by completing ten additional projects from the Wolf or Bear book (after earning the Gold Arrow Point). A Wolf or Bear Cub Scout may wear as many Silver Arrow Points as he can earn. Worn in rows of two below, centered, and touching the Gold Arrow Point or previously earned Silver Arrow Points for each rank (Wolf and Bear).

Arrow Points