It's just a few easy steps:
  1. Please email our Pack 151 Committee Chair. Let us know you're interested!
  2. Complete the registration process with our Committee Chair:
    1. Sumbit a BSA Youth Application
    2. Submit a  Pack 151 New Scout Charter Form.
    3. Submit a check payable to "Pack 151", for membership dues.
    4. Accept Pack 151's emailed Scoutbook invitation when we send it to you.
  3. Welcome to Pack 151! You are now part of the Boy Scouts of America.



Any kindergarten through fifth grade boy or girl can join Cub Scouts Pack 151.  Scouts don't need to live or go to school in Hugo.  We welcome members from around the area.

As new members of our pack, your son or daughter, his/her parents, grandparents, and other family members are invited to our Fall Day Camp.  Just let us know who's attending and we'll sign you up.
  • FREE for all adults and new Scouts. Siblings cost is $11/each.
  • Learn shooting sports from certified safety instructors. (archery, slingshots and BB guns)
  • Bounce pad
  • Bouldering (low-level wall climbing)
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • All held at local, nationally accredited Boy Scout camp.
  • Activities are led and supervised by trained staff.

DUES and other COSTS
  • Membership Dues / "Chartering Fee” for NEW Cub Scouts: $92 includes:
    • Boy Scouts of America annual membership fee
    • Advancement and award items including: adventure loops/pins, rank emblem
    • Fall Day Camp 
  • Additional options:
    • Add $12 for Boy’s Life Magazine (recommended for Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos)
    • Add $10 for each "Class B" t-Shirt (recommended for all ranks, especially for summer camp)
  • Other Costs
    • Many of the activities that we do outside of regular pack meetings, like camps and optional pack outings require an additional fee. In advance of each activity, we'll email you information about the activity that includes links to the required forms and and the amount of the participation fee. *Financial assistance is available.


It all starts with a den. A den is a group of six to eight Scouts that meets twice per month, completing required and elective adventures towards earning their rank award badge. The Scouts in a den are usually all at the same grade level. This structure allows your Scout to build relationships with leaders and other boys and girls. The den offers experiences that would be difficult with a large group.  Leadership opportunities for your Scout is also part of the den experience.
  • Kindergarten - Lions
  • First Grade - Tiger
  • Second Grade - Wolf
  • Third Grade - Bear
  • Fourth Grade - Webelos
  • Fifth Grade - Webelos Arrow of Light
Beyond the den is the pack.  That's the larger group that's made up of all our pack's dens. This group gets together once monthly for a pack meeting, and for optional pack activities and optional pack outings.

Scouting costs more than just the annual membership dues we collect. In fact, fundraising is the primary source of the pack's income, and a big reason we can provide a great experience for the Scouts. One of the key values of Scouting is that Scouts should help pay their way. That’s why we offer ways throughout the year for your son or daughter to earn. Scouts that raise a lot of money by selling popcorn and wreaths in the fall can entirely pay for their pack dues and camp experiences through that fundraising effort. Scouts who sell less can use their Individual Scout Account to offset camp fees.

We believe that every boy and girl should have the chance to be a Scout, regardless of their families'  financial status. Not everyone can afford the membership dues, a uniform, the cost of the activities, Boy's Life magazine etc. Because of the generosity of local families, business, leaders, the pack and our Northern Star Scouting can offer financial assistance to support local families in need. These are often called "Camperships".  Please contact the Cubmaster or the Pack Committee Chair if you need assistance. This request will be kept confidential.


When we need to communicate directly with you and other Cub Scouts parents, we use a web-based subscription service called You'll record your Cub Scout's advancement progress through Scoutbook too. As a new pack parent/guardian you'll be personally invited, via email, to connect with Pack 151's Scoutbook. The pack's web site is It contains general pack news and some specific info and documents on our Resources page.  

Uniforms are important for our Cub Scouts and our leaders. Wearing it will help your Scout feel he or she is rightfully part of a special group. With the uniform, your Scout will proudly display "adventure loops", earned rank emblems and other awards. Each rank has its own specifications. Our pack's required Lion uniform costs roughly $48.  Our pack's required Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos uniform costs roughly $59

You may purchase your Scout's Class-A uniform at the BSA'a official Scout Shop or online at .

We may have a limited number of free youth and adult uniforms available from our Uniform Exchange for those who are not in the financial position to pay for a new uniform. Contact our Cubmaster or Committee Chair about the Uniform Exchange.

To start on den and home-based activities, your Scout will need a paper handbook.  Your Scout will bring this book to den meetings. Each grade level has its own rank and its own handbook.  Purchase your copy where uniforms are sold.  Kindergarteners will buy the "CS Lion Kit", SKU#632931 (which includes a Parent and Leaders Guidebook, a Lion Adventure Book, and a set of advancement stickers).  New 1st graders should buy a Tiger handbook, 2nd graders a Wolf handbook, 3rd graders a Bear handbook, and 4th & 5th graders a Webelos handbook.


Your Cub Scout's success in our program requires your participation. The success of the pack depends on parent involvement. There will be some adventures that can only be accomplished at home, with your help. For younger ranks, like Lion and Tiger, Adult Partner (parent/guardian) 1:1 ratio participation is required. As your Scout gets older (Wolf, Bear and Webelos) the required adult-to-scout ratio ratio decreases.  A trusted adult, grandparent, etc. can serve in place of a parent/guardian too. Your family, including siblings, are always welcome at our pack meetings, optional pack outings and optional pack activities.

Parents who are interested in a higher level of involvement are always needed, of course. Your volunteering to perform simple tasks or stepping up to become a trained leader will benefit your own Scout and our pack.

Scouting is a commitment for boys, girls and their families. It need not be, however, an overwhelming commitment because we have so many good people pitching in to help. Please make every effort to help with your required activities, then look around and see if you can find something extra that you’d really like to be involved in.

Please submit a Membership Inquiry Form to ask questions or contact our leadership team.

>> WHAT IS CUB SCOUTS? Visit our Intro to Cub Scouting page

>> WANT TO LEARN MORE?  Check out our online Pack 151 Family Handbook for more info & FAQ's