Established in 1949, Pack 151 in Hugo, Minnesota provides a Cub Scouts program with a proud history and tradition. We provide a sure-fire way to get more involved with your kids that puts the fun first. We're very proud of our large, award winning and very active program with lots of volunteers.

Right off the bat, we start with activities and and skills that every kid will love. After school activities and sports don't compete with Cub Scouts; they compliment one another. The whole program is centered around helping kids achieve, and bringing you right along with them.

If you're looking for a way to instill values into your children, look no further. Cub Scouts is fun with a purpose. From citizenship to stewardship and everything in between, the Cub Scouts provide the perfect foundation for young people to grow.

Learn more about Cub Scouts and the details of how to join us!  Please submit a Membership Inquiry Form to ask questions or contact our leadership team.

We're proud!
Pack 151 has earned Scouting's "Journey to Excellence Gold Unit Award" for many years.
This is the Boy Scouts of America's performance recognition program recognizing Pack 151's success in providing a quality program.