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Spots Available for Saturday's Polar Cubs Day Camp

posted Jan 9, 2013, 11:51 AM by Unknown user
Six new spots have just opened up for Saturday's day camp!  A few families are unable to attend, so their spots can be yours if you sign up now.

Looks like we'll have some fresh snow to play in on Saturday.  Webelos will experience a unique adventure separate from the other Cub Scouts.  Wolves and Bears will be grouped together for age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities.  Tigers and Lions will likely spend a little more time indoors, but will have plenty of fun outside too.

This is a great opportunity if you haven't signed up yet or if you'd like to add another adult or scout to your existing registration.  There are currently 3 adult and 3 Cub Scout spots available.

Sign up now! Please email me ASAP:

The following link has a few more details: