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Scout Sales Update

posted Sep 28, 2011, 11:54 AM by Cub Scout Pack 151

Hello to our Scouting Sales team!  I wanted to provide an update on our efforts so far and let you know about upcoming opportunities.


Our Popcorn Sale is off to a roaring start with a weekend of very successful Storefront sales and based on the reports I'm getting back from those of you who have been out in your neighborhoods.  Remember, if your Scout reaches popcorn sales of $250 by Oct 1st and/or $400 by Oct 10th, then visit to claim the prizes they have earned.  ($250 by the 1st is BOGO for Vikings vs. Raiders on Nov. 20 and $400 by the 10th is for the Wild ticket offer and a party at Base Camp on Oct 15th)


Some questions about the product and potential payment options came up over the weekend.  


For those who ask about ingredients and dietary clarification:  

  • The Microwave flavors and Popping Corn are Gluten Free.  The same cannot be said for any of the prepared varieties.
  • Similarly, for those with Nut alergies, only the The Microwave flavors and Popping Corn are free from risk.  Obviously, with the Caramel Corn including nuts variety, that means all of the prepared popcorn is made at a facility that uses nuts so most concerned parents will avoid them altogether.

As for questions about Credit Card payment, there is a personal choice option to allow CC payment and assume some risk.  Last weekend at the Storefront Sale, Mike Fish accepted Credit Card purchases on his iPhone using a Program called "Square".  He then wrote the Pack a check at the end of the shift for the amount purchased during the storefront.  You can research the app for yourself at It is available for iOS and Android devices. The company takes a percentage of the amount charged and we do not yet have a Pack policy in place for whether the you will be reimbursed for the surcharges.  That question will be taken up at the next committee meeting.  We can say for certain that without that Credit Card payment option, we would have lost nearly $150 in Popcorn sales from customers without cash or a check handy at the time of the sale. If you were interested, you could also ask the customer to pay the additional charge on top of their purchase to cover these costs. Check it out for yourself and let Mike Bailey know if you have any questions.  


Regarding Storefront Sales, we have a few openings yet for this coming weekend at Sam's Club.  We did very well last Sunday there and unlike Festival Foods, families are less likely to shop at Sam's on a weekly basis, so there is less of a chance that people will tell you that they purchased from us last week.  We currently need 1-2 Scouts to work on Saturday afternoon from 1:30-6:00 and 1-2 Scouts to work on Sunday morning from 9:30-2:00.  For both shifts, we need 1 volunteer to take charge of the shift and be able to haul popcorn and tables to or from Mike Bailey's house. Email or call 651-485-7398 if you are interested in taking a shift.  Spots are still available for Oct. 8-9 at Sam's Club as well.


Lastly, we are able to restock our supply warehouse again, so everything is available to fulfill your orders or to have on hand for your personal selling.  If you have large quantity needs of any kind, let Mike know so we will have enough to go around.  Stop by any Tuesday night at Mike's House at 6445 Langer Lane in Lino Lakes from 6:30-8:00 to pickup or return your Popcorn inventory.  If you absolutely need something at another time, send him an email to make alternate arrangements.


Thank you for your efforts and keep up the great work!


The Pack 151 Leadership Team