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Pinewood Derby Time!

posted Jan 31, 2012, 10:50 AM by Cub Scout Pack 151
Hello, Pack Parents.  Pinewood Derby week is finally, here!   Is your car ready?


We wanted to provide some reminders and detailed info for how Setup Night and Race Day will progress. If you know you will NOT be joining us on Race Day, please reply to this message and let us know. It will keep us from holding the start of a race awaiting your arrival.


Setup Night Details:

  • We will setup the Legion Hall and the track beginning at 6pm on Friday night, Feb. 3rd.
  • If you can join us in moving tables and chairs around or assembling and leveling the track, please join us.  The more people we have, the faster it will go.

Race Day Details:

  • Your Scouts are required to arrive Prior To the official registration times for each Rank Group.  The goal is to get your groups registered and racing as quickly as possible.  If needed, you can arrive and check in early.  Please allow 30 minutes to complete the check in process. Those racing in the next group will have priority over those arriving early.
    • Webelos (1s & 2s) - 10am
    • Bears (both Dens) - 10:30am
    • Wolves - 11am
    • Tigers - 11:30am
    • Lions - Noon
  • Parents, please bring your checkbook for Re-Chartering and Camping Registrations (Scout Accounts can be used for either, but bring the checkbook just to be sure)
  • Uniform Inspection at Check-in - Scouts are Required to be in their Class A Uniform on Race Day.  Any Scout without a complete uniform (Class A Shirt, Neckerchief, Slide, Belt and either Jeans or Blue Pants) will be allowed to race, but will not be eligible for any trophies or advancement to the District Race. If you have any questions about the Uniform, an Inspection Sheet can be downloaded on the Pack's Website (
  • Vehicle Inspection at Check-in - Full rules can be found on the Pack's website ( and are attached to this email, but key items to double check prior to race day are:
    • Height < 3", Width < 2.75", Length < 7"
    • Weight < 5 Ounces to the nearest 1/10 ounce (Stop by the Post Office if you do not have a kitchen scale and they will weigh it for free)
    • Ground Clearance > 1/4" (If you use an under-mount weight plate, try to embed it into the wood.)  3.8" is the actual Guideline
    • Un-modified "Official BSA" Wheels and Axle Pins (BSA must be visable on the sides).  Cleanup of imperfections is OK, shaving the wheels to narrow them is not.
    • 1/2" front car width to ensure proper setting on the starting pin
  • Cars owners will be given the option to fix any disqualifying issues at back tables prior to handing off for the races.  ALL CARS WILL BE ALLOWED TO RACE, but non-compliant cars will not be eligible for any trophies or advancement to the District Race.  Once the Cars are handed in for racing, they cannot be handled by the scouts or non-volunteer parents.  At that time, each scout will receive a participation patch.
  • Re-Chartering Table - Following Race Check-in, all scouts and adult partners will stop at the Re-Chartering table and sign up to continue to be Cub Scouts into next Fall.  Registration is $15 and the Boy's Life Subscription is $12.  You can have the fees deducted from your Fundraising Scout Account, if you have the funds available. Otherwise, a check will need to be provided on Race Day.
  • Camping Table - Following the Re-Charter table, Scouts will stop at the Camping Table.  Here, Scouts and Adult Partners who are signed up for Polar Cubs will confirm that we have Medical Forms and Insurance Card copies on file or remedy that if they don't. The Medical Form can be downloaded and filled out prior to Race Day on the Pack's Website. (
    We will also be taking registrations for Weekend Family Camp this May 4-6 as well as Interest Sign ups for District Summer Weekend Camps.
  • Following the Camping Table, Scouts and Adult Partners are free to enjoy the Race Day Activities, the Check in process is complete.
  • Activity and Snack Tables - We will have craft activities and a matchbox car play track setup at the back of the Hall along with a snack table.  Anyone attending, including siblings, is free to partake in both.
  • Each Rank's Group Race will begin as soon as all Group members are registered, inspected and numbered. Group races should be concluded within 1 hour of the registration deadline.
  • Best In Show Voting - at 12:30 (Once all of the cars are checked in) All of the Scouts and Registered Leaders will vote on their favorite car.  We will present 2 winners a "Best In Show" trophy during the awards Ceremony
  • Upon Conclusion of the Lions Group Races, we will award each Rank's top 3 speed winners. Then we will award the Best In Show winners, followed by the top 3 overall Pack Speed winners.  At that point the Race Day will be concluded. (Hopefully by 2pm)

Race Day Volunteers are still needed!  Please reply to this email with your availability, either for part of the day or all day.  Remember, we will be rehearsing some of the processes we will be employing when we manage the District Pinewood Derby Races in April, so the more help we get, the better off we'll be when we're managing the BIG RACE. The Race Day team leaders are set.  The Helper Jobs available for the day are as follows:

  • Race Heat Setup and Car Retrieval - 2 additional people
  • Race MC - 1 person
  • Vehicle Check-in - 1 additional person
  • Vehicle Inspection - 1-2 people
  • Race Timing Software - 1 person
  • Snack/Activity Area - 1-2 additional people 
  • Clean Up - Anyone willing to stay late to help out is welcome

If you can help either on Friday Night and/or on Race Day, please reply to this message.  If you have a preference in job duties, you can include that as well.


We hope to see you all this weekend.  We are looking forward to an exciting and fast Pinewood Derby!


Pack 151 Pinewood Committee

Cub Scout Pack 151,
Jan 31, 2012, 10:50 AM
Cub Scout Pack 151,
Jan 31, 2012, 10:50 AM
Cub Scout Pack 151,
Jan 31, 2012, 10:50 AM