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Pack 151 Fundraising Update – New Storefront available this Sunday!

posted Sep 27, 2013, 6:16 AM by Cub Scout Pack 151   [ updated Sep 27, 2013, 8:16 AM ]

Hello Pack parents!  Week 1 of our 2013 Fundraising Drive is in the books.  I heard from a number of parents that last weekend was very successful in the neighborhoods.  If you haven’t made the time to get out there and hit your neighbors up for their Holiday wreaths and some yummy popcorn treats, I suggest you do it soon or another Scout may beat you to it.

The Council has published their 2nd Popcorn Newsletter.  I’ve posted it to the Pack’s website and linked to it here.

Storefront available this Sunday, September 29th!

The big news this week is that we arranged for a new Storefront Sale this Sunday. It is at the Walmart in St. Anthony at 3800 Silver Lake Rd NE.  We can be there from 10am-6pm providing for 4 2-hour shifts for up to 3 scouts per shift.  Walmarts have great traffic flow and since it’s only the 2nd week of the sale, it should be a great opportunity for your scout to earn $100 in Popcorn sales for just a couple of hours work.

I know it’s short notice, but our Popcorn Co-Chair, Mr. Jeff Smentek will be arranging the shift requests. These will be provided on a first come, first served basis.  You can email Jeff with your requested shifts and he will reply back to you with the available times that fit your choices.

The 2 hour slots that are set up for Sunday are: 10am-Noon, Noon-2pm, 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm.  Lions and Tigers are encouraged to only sign up for a single 2-hour shift.  Wolves and above should be fine to take 4 hours in a row, but you know your Scouts attention span the best.    A maximum of 3 Scouts will be allowed for each 2-hour shift.  Please arrive before your shift begins, so the previous group can fill you in on the setup.

If you are signing up for the First or Last shifts, please let Jeff know if you are willing and able to help pick up or drop off popcorn and other materials between our popcorn warehouse and the storefront location.  There is a Square Credit Card Reader with the storefront materials, so if you want to register for a free account and tie it to your personal bank account, you are welcome to take Credit Card charges at the storefront and pay the Pack by check at the end of your shift.  Trust me, you will make sales that would otherwise walk away without the ability to take Credit Cards.

Please email Jeff at with the Name and Den of your Scout(s) your requested shifts, and best phone number to be reached the day of the sale.  You may want to provide him with alternatives if you top choices are taken.

There are also some Shifts available for the Saturday, October 5th Storefront at Hugo Festival Foods.  Spots are avilable for all 4 shifts and multiple spots are available for most. Jeff can help you sign up for those shifts as well.

Keep up the great selling. Plans are in the works for a great reward for the whole Pack if we make our goals.

Mike Bailey
Popcorn Co-Chair
Hugo Pack 151