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Congrats to Pack 151's Pinewood Derby Winners!

posted Jun 28, 2013, 7:57 AM by Unknown user
The Northern Star Council Pinewood Derby event took place on June 1st at Mall Of America Main Rotunda. The track set up was a 6 lane 56' aluminum track. (That's really big)

246 Scouts Raced

Pack 151 is very proud of it's winners!  They did an excellent job in a very competitive event.  The boys had to win at the pack level, then the district level before qualifying for this event.

Lion Cubs
1st in the rank and 7th overall B. McLean
5th in the rank and 35th overall E. Niven

Wolf Cubs
10th in the rank J. Arcand 

Bear Cubs
3rd in the rank 6th overall K. McLean
5th in the rank 15th overall T. Niven

J. Arcand's placed within the top 35th over all. 

As the Pinewood Derby chair of Pack 151 this is awesome to see these 5 Scouts place this high in the Council Race.  Also the Northern Star Council Pinewood Derby is one of the largest races in country.

-Jeff McLean